Talks List
Planning a Garden - Slideshow & talk  on renovation of a garden by applying simple changes but making a big difference without massive cash outlay.

Houseplants - A selection of plants will be brought to the venue and their care demonstrated. Humorous and informative.

Shrubs - A talk using a large selection of samples

Alpines, Rockeries and Ponds - Slideshow and talk looking at the creation of these features and the plants involved.

Plant Naming - Slideshow and talk outlining the fascination of some scientific and common names.

The Natural History of the Garden - Humorous and infomative slideshow and talk examining the native insects, animals and plants to be found in a garden.

Conifers and Heathers - Slideshow and talk considering the plants to use and the maintenance entailed.

Pests and Diseases - Humorous informative talk using samples.

Fletcher Moss Gardens - A short history of the gardens and a look at some of the plants to be found there - slideshow and talk.
Bulbs  - Talk and demonstration showing how to maximise results - September & October only.

Making a Wildlife Garden - Slideshow & talk illustrating how wildlife fits into the ethos of a good garden or allotment, adding an important dimension. Humourous and informative.

Trees - A consideration of trees, looking at how they work, some unusual aspects, and their suitability in specific sites. Slideshow & talk.

Soils - A talk about how soil works - pH; composting; worms, etc. Vital information for any gardener.

How a Plant Grows - A fascinating and amusing talk about how plants react to the environments we provide. With the aid of numerous practical examples, you are shown not just how to garden successfully, but why techniques work - an invaluable addition to gardening enjoyment.

Herbs - A slideshow and talk depicting different herbs, how to grow them, and considering some of their folklore and uses.

Georgia on My Mind - A slideshow and talk considering some popular garden plants in their native habitat, together with a selection of the wildlife in the southern states.
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Most of the talks last for just over an hour, followed by question time. John has his own projector and screen. Fee negotiable.